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Inspiring For Those Who Would Like To Indulge


inspiration pour ceux qui voudraient se livrer

ispirando per coloro che vorrebbe concedere

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying certain aromatherapy oils because of a past skin irritation, but you still love the scent?!

Why not try perfume jewellery, or try adding oils to an elegant showpiece on your dresser for a lovely scent in the bedroom or bathroom?! If you are extremely sensitive, then try hanging the perfume jewellery on a little display piece.

Add the scent to your business cards, and other stationery.

Dab a little bit onto a soft toy that you keep in the room.

Add the scent to leather, or wood, and other natural materials.

Try blending scents with your next painting!

Hang cloth soaked with the scent, after wearing suitably protective gloves, of course!

You can still enjoy your desired scent, even if your skin will not allow you!


Samantha Aungle