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Rose Absolute – The love oil

When I had my first stall at Rusty’s Market in August, I had found a lot of people have liked the Rose Absolute tester.

I offered the tester, along with a few other oil testers for people to pick up the scent. To try it out. To know what it is like as a pure absolute oil!

And it is just wonderful for everyone.

More information about Rose Absolute

Also note that there are a few examples given of blends to use for different purposes. The possibilities for combinations and different types of skin, hair and pet treats are endless.

I like the thought of a few drops of Rose Absolute and rose petals mixed into a freshly made soy wax candle, made with the Ecosoy wax that is available to buy from my online shop. Postal delivery to your home, or wherever is convenient for you. Pick up at Rusty’s Market, Cairns, QLD at my next stall. Try this eco friendly and easy method of soy tea light making. I would omit the glue mentioned though as it is not really needed and may be toxic..and also give off a bad scent even if undetectable.

A lovely combination for a pure rose candle! Sweet and divine love radiating for your romantic occasion, or just for you and your special time. Have a bath in the rose petals and just be utterly surrounded in the love and amazing scent! Your skin will also be radiant! The rose can heal your skin as well. See linked article above for more information.

I am getting a lot better now, having mostly recovered from the hemophilus influenzae infection I had for over 20 days. I’ll let you all know when the next stall will be happening, watch my Twitter and Facebook pages for more.


Samantha Aungle


New Treats

I have added new treats!


A lovely Absolute Clay Facial. Suitable for you. Why? Because I make up the individual ingredients for your skin type, and preference. All ingredients and a container are supplied for one cost of $75. If you were to buy the ingredients separately in my shop – including plastic pipettes for oil dispensing, a 50ml gold or silver glass jar, two clays, rose absolute with same amount of 2ml, and the best jojoba oil, you would be paying $118!

Other containers are available in PET amber with black /white / silver matte/ silver shiny lid, white with white or black lid – 250ml/500ml for both colours of  jars and lids. Also caska seals for 250 and 500ml – the little bit of plastic that seals at the top under the lid.

I suggest Rose Absolute – that can be diluted in at least three ways.

1.   Make your own fresh herbal toner using the herbs I supply. I source the herbs from a cosmetic supplier in Australia. The herbal toner can be made from rose petals for example. The rose petals would go with the Rose Absolute Oil very well. You can mix different herbs for the toner. For pure rose toner it is advised to be soaking the rose petals in filtered water or springwater fresh each time you use it. No preservatives, with the essential oils fresh and active!

Soaking the rose petals is easy, just add rose petals to your favourite water and heat gently on low to medium heat for 15 mins. Let cool.

Add drops of rose absolute oil. Then mixing this floral water into your choice of clay. French Clay in four different types –





Or choose Australian White Kaolin Clay

2. Dilute in jojoba oil, it will last, and can also include method from 1.

3. Add to facial filtered water or springwater spray – dilute in oil or by itself.

You will have such a beautiful scent and skin!

Good for healing your heart. A broken heart, emotional pain from life, opening your heart after feeling shut off from the world.

I can also send you Reiki by distance for a really peaceful time with your Treat. I am a Reiki Master, attuned in 2006 September in Australia. I can provide a scan for you to view of my Reiki Master certificates, and also my Reiki Master teachers details of lineage. Arrange an appointment – $10 additional each appointment. The feeling should last for about an hour. Book for when you want Reiki sent, when you are likely to be undisturbed and comfortable.

The Reiki is Usui Reiki.

Make your Treat a special time for yourself. The more you relax, the more you will benefit from the essential oils.


Samantha Aungle



A beautiful ancient perfume. Renowned for the scent  in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

Enobarus talks of Cleopatra’s arrival in Tarsus

The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne

Burn’d on the water, the poop was beaten gold

Purple the sails, and so perfumed that

The winds were lovesick….

From the barge

A strange invisible perfume hits the sense

Of the adjacent wharfs

From my research so far, I have gathered that there were 16 ingredients in Kyphi. Some are not essential oils. But those that do fall into the category are as follows.






calamus or cinnamon


The shape of a woman for you!

Ingredients mentioned by Plutarch include honey, wine, raisins, galangal, resin, juniper, myrhh, aspalathus, sessile, lemongrass, asphalt, fig leaves, cardamom, sorrel leaves, and sweet rush.

Loret, a French chemist also postulated that henna, peppermint, calamus, and cyperus were additional to this amazing perfume!

Add red rose petals on the floor 18 inches deep, and you will be beginning to experience the romance like Antony and Cleopatra!

Come to my shop and gather the ingredients to make your own Kyphi!

You could even make your own fresh Kyphi balm to rub on your wrists and ankles!



Samantha Aungle

Information gathered from Awaken to Healing Fragrances – by Elizabeth Anne Jones