My Demonstration products have arrived!

Yay! Now just to secure the space for the demonstration to happen.

I want to try to bring more people to the awareness that I am selling great products for natural skincare and haircare, and petcare in my local area, and also to the tourists of Cairns. One of the most tourist populated places I have lived in!

I also want to do more than one demonstration of course. But I’ll see how I go, as I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Stress can majorly put me out of the game. So to avoid stress at all costs, to secure my costs for now and in the future.



Samantha Aungle


New treat! Lavender Lovely Skin!

I have gathered from researching the preferences of people from the Facebook questionnaire I made up the other week, that lavender is a favourite oil of many people.


So I have made this new treat for people to enjoy, with the addition of Absolute Brown Lavender instead of any other usual lavender you can buy in the supermarket.


A true treat for you, to enjoy the healthful benefits of lavender for your skin.


Traditionally lavender is used to fight acne, soothe nervous tension, headaches, migranes, and to ease insomnia. So it is an excellent night treatment for your hands and feet.


You could use Samantha Aungle’s Treats Lavender Lovely Skin as a massage treatment after melting it in your palms.



Samantha Aungle


The beauty of herbs and natural supplements

Herbal remedies for the skin, hair, teeth, mucous membranes, and nails have existed for a long time in humanity.

There are always new studies today on the benefits of herbs. Just today, a blog I subscribe to has this article on offer about some of the benefits of herbs – internally. Many greens also naturally contain calcium, which is a proven skin healer, often added to beauty products. I have proven it to myself in a control experiment. Where I took the supplement of calcium tablets for only a few days. Following a good skincare regime as well. I noticed less puffiness and darkness around my eyes, and a visual improvement in my skin texture. I am often allergy prone, so to see the visual difference of my skin improved by calcium supplementation was really quite a difference for myself.

Imagine if you use herbs on your skin to improve its texture and condition every day! Throughout human history, people have gathered herbs, dried them, and used them for health and beauty.

Many beauty products these days contain different vitamins and herbal enrichments and such. I used to wonder why, and so may you! Vitamin E is a long time addition to moisturiser for skin health benefits.

Wrinkles come from age, free radical damage, improper skin care and poor habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol in excess. According to the book “Healing with Vitamins: the Most Effective Vitamin and Mineral Treatments for Everyday Health Problems and Serious Disease,” vitamin E oil prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic. Vitamin E oil also treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration.

It is also used in nail products. Although I do not recommend too much use of nail products such as nail polish and the synthetic removers commonly found in the shops. I do not use them at all, being a vegan and also committed to ecological impact reduction, I often think, can I use this in the rainforest with rare and endangered plants and tiny insect species around me without harming the vital balance of the earth?

Can I use this product in any suburban environment without fear of chips of polish ending up down the drain and adding to the chemical cocktail in the water filtration and treatment plants? Or being blown by the wind and becoming a blockage in the throat of a tiny bird, that was innocently living its life before it choked and died from the synthetic material mix? Can I freely walk without my conscience weighing on me in an area of simple means in Africa, watching from the outside as people sing as they work, pounding grains, harvesting some of the worlds supply of coffee beans, making wooden beads for jewellery and hair adornment, starving in Somalia, walking around taking videos of endangered mountain gorilla populations in Rwanda – as they live in the trees, eating copious amounts of ever lessening leaves and ants. The small areas of the wild places in the world are being consumed by ignorance of the people.

People seem to prefer their comfortable ignorance, I wonder for how much longer do people destroy this earth around them in order to appear beautiful at any cost to it’s delicate balance. And also to theirs!

Yes I have had a conscience about beauty products. I have worn fake blue nails and had a perm when I was 11 years old. Was brought up with Barbie dolls and TV every day. Have had a poor, limited diet lacking in true health giving properties. That is why some skin problems exist! Because of diet. Everything you put into your mouth and on your skin and hair and teeth and nails will influence the health of your body! Your skin reflects what you eat. Your hair and nails also show if you are deficient or overusing foods. To balance from the inside to the outside is the true way to obtain healthful glowing beauty!

Your diet and other choices will also influence how well the butterflies outside can manage to fly away if you were to try flicking your beauty product or food you eat onto them. I do not advocate that practice at all, I do not advocate animal testing or cruelty by any means whatsoever!

However, if you were to metaphorically flick a freshly made herbal paste you have made yourself when outside, and some lands on a butterflies wings as it flutters it’s beautiful way around the garden, it will most likely not be of ill affect to the butterfly! Think of the butterflies. Some of the butterflies of this world are endangered too. Even in Australia, some are on the endangered list of insects. I know, I have been in the Brisbane Museum whilst I was researching an art project, and talked to the expert in the field, and could only see a preserved Southern species of a beautiful large butterfly. The Northern species of this butterfly is endangered to the point when I cannot even see a preserved one in the museum dedicated to preserving actual, once living records of insects and animals and such!

I do not wish to even harm a butterfly! This is the herbal benefit too. This is what animals in the wild naturally eat. This is what the wild tribes of indigenous people still gather and use for all sorts of benefits to health and beauty and also lets not forget or deny their spiritual effect. This is why I use herbs in beauty products on such a simple level at Samantha Aungle’s Treats. They have holistic body benefits, they have holistic earth conservation benefits, they are of total benefit to the earth and the people and I love herbs!

To treat yourself with my products is also to follow this way

The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a maxim,[2] ethical code, or morality[3] that essentially states either of the following:

  1. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (positive form)[2]
  2. One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (negative/prohibitive form, also called the Silver Rule)

Others are also the beings that exist around us other than in human form. Trees have a being, and are sacred. It is from my Celtic ancestors that I believe this.This sacredness of herbs is existent today in great force! Herbs are blessed by the deities that formed them, and by the energy of the earth that holds and nurtures them. By the water that encourages and supports their growth. By the sun that carries light through the leaves – forming with their mysterious power, life on earth!

I offer you grounded beauty treatments. From nature, preserved and dried. The herbs are made for you by divine sources to use! They designed our bodies, whoever these divine sources are. In Genesis from the Bible it says

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

They intend for us to use the herbs they provide us! They intend for us to become strong and vitally healthy and beautiful from nature!  The wise people living now on this massive earth also intend that we respect our amazing earth, animals and ourselves. Rashan Abdul Hakim (Ruddy Duckett) A.K.A. “Bush Doctor” has said

After the second fall of man, man started to eat dead meat (animal flesh) and upset the entire balance of nature, bringing about the system of one species eating another or the dog-eats-dog survival of the fittest. This introduced ailments like leprosy, tumors, cancers, etc. and a new system of healing was practiced by the ancient Ethiopians, called Egyptians by the Greeks. That system was known as dietetics or using the diet to bring about healing. A popular saying used by African doctors, which was coined by Imhotep the Wise is: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food“. This saying was later copied by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, who was taught everything he knew by African physicians.

   The oldest written medical literature is the Papyrus Ebers and the Smith papyrus named after the man who found them. They date back thousands of years before there was a Greek or Roman Empire and they themselves are copies of much older writings. These documents are now in the N.Y. Academy of Medicine and are the foundation of western medicine.

    The Ancient African documents include instructions on mystical methods of using the natural forces of nature to cure disease of both the body and mind, pathology, anatomy, herbal pharmacology, various methods of diagnosing ailments and the functions of all bodily organs. Hippocrates did his internship in ancient Ethiopia under the direction of African physicians. Imhotep is known as the universal god of medicine, and is the founder of mankind’s first hospital.

So you can now catch a glimpse of the level of my dedication and belief in herbal beauty. And why I am selling you products with very little human interference. Do come along to my online shop, and ask me about the herbs that can be of benefit to the health of your skin! I can also informally advise you on diet. I am a real foodaholic! I love natural real food!

Commit to yourself and nature with the actuality of action in effect!





Samantha Aungle

New Treats

I have added new treats!

A lovely Absolute Clay Facial. Suitable for you. Why? Because I make up the individual ingredients for your skin type, and preference. All ingredients and a container are supplied for one cost of $75. If you were to buy the ingredients separately in my shop – including plastic pipettes for oil dispensing, a 50ml gold or silver glass jar, two clays, rose absolute with same amount of 2ml, and the best jojoba oil, you would be paying $118!

Other containers are available in PET amber with black /white / silver matte/ silver shiny lid, white with white or black lid – 250ml/500ml for both colours of  jars and lids. Also caska seals for 250 and 500ml – the little bit of plastic that seals at the top under the lid.

I suggest Rose Absolute – that can be diluted in at least three ways.

1.   Make your own fresh herbal toner using the herbs I supply. I source the herbs from a cosmetic supplier in Australia. The herbal toner can be made from rose petals for example. The rose petals would go with the Rose Absolute Oil very well. You can mix different herbs for the toner. For pure rose toner it is advised to be soaking the rose petals in filtered water or springwater fresh each time you use it. No preservatives, with the essential oils fresh and active!

Soaking the rose petals is easy, just add rose petals to your favourite water and heat gently on low to medium heat for 15 mins. Let cool.

Add drops of rose absolute oil. Then mixing this floral water into your choice of clay. French Clay in four different types –





Or choose Australian White Kaolin Clay

2. Dilute in jojoba oil, it will last, and can also include method from 1.

3. Add to facial filtered water or springwater spray – dilute in oil or by itself.

You will have such a beautiful scent and skin!

Good for healing your heart. A broken heart, emotional pain from life, opening your heart after feeling shut off from the world.

I can also send you Reiki by distance for a really peaceful time with your Treat. I am a Reiki Master, attuned in 2006 September in Australia. I can provide a scan for you to view of my Reiki Master certificates, and also my Reiki Master teachers details of lineage. Arrange an appointment – $10 additional each appointment. The feeling should last for about an hour. Book for when you want Reiki sent, when you are likely to be undisturbed and comfortable.

The Reiki is Usui Reiki.

Make your Treat a special time for yourself. The more you relax, the more you will benefit from the essential oils.


Samantha Aungle

Demonstration will be interactive!

More news on my up and coming demonstration of my new Treats!

I have decided to make it interactive – where I show you how to make it

and you make your treat with me step by step!

Keep your treat afterwards, order more online.

Or, you can order your products now and pick them up at the demonstration!

I will show you how in person if you are in Cairns when I do the demonstrations.

Also I will have photos and videos of the process for people to view worldwide!


Samantha Aungle

Demonstration Planned Soon

Soon, Samantha will be doing public demonstrations of some of her treats.

At present she is based in Cairns, QLD, Australia.

She will be showing people how the treats are so easy to prepare!

And also for a small fee, will apply the fresh treats as they are

intended to be applied to some lucky people!

Possibly also selling sample treat packages!

So keep your eyes peeled for more!


Samantha Aungle

Ancient Art of Embalming

If you have thought much of essential oils, and of the ancient customs that go hand in hand with oils, then you may have thought of embalming.

Ancient Egypt first springs to mind from history lessons in school for some people.

The process took around 70 days for each complete embalming. Religious rites and spiritual beliefs decreed certain practices. The process was complex and thorough. Entirely clean, knowledgeable, and maybe even of a higher standard than medical practices today!

I can vouch for it being unclean in the present day having had unclean teeth – I had eaten and not brushed – before an unscheduled extraction performed at the end of the day in 2009, with the dentist saying don’t worry about it – meaning complacency, not a relaxing sense of not worrying! And also before surgery on my arm after I had been in hospital for several days before, having been bathed every day before the surgery for a broken arm bone! But not on the day of surgery! Again they seem so sterile and clean, don’t they, hospitals? Note my sarcasm. What is your morgue like? Does it run within the same standards of ill health, time restrictions and sloppiness? Maybe you should find out seeing as you will be there one day yourself!

I would hope not for your sake. And with respect to your dead. And appropriate spiritual measures taken.

Embalming with no time restrictions following ways of the ancient Egyptians starts to look pretty desirable! Cleopatra certainly was well washed and then oiled every day in bathing rituals. Ancient ways were by no means dirty.

The powerful properties

and spiritual

attributions of

two common

essential oils

used in Ancient

Egyptian embalming.


Used also for the living since ancient times for facials! This is a beautiful aromatic oil – with a resin also known as Olibanum or Luban. It is anti cancerous. Used for its multiple benefits, of a beautiful scent, a spiritual tool for meditation with many meanings attributed to it. The Egyptian sun god Ra was offered Frankincense and some see it as a sun, air or even a fire element to a ritual.

To some who follow the Bible it means good, and also “that which has been clarified from the falsity of evil. That the inmost truth which is signified by frankincense is spiritual good, is because the good with those who are in the Lord’s spiritual kingdom is nothing else than truth, which is called good when the man wills and does it from conscience and affection. For with the spiritual all the will has been destroyed, but the understanding is preserved entire by the Lord, and in it there is implanted by the Lord a new will by means of regeneration. This will is the conscience with them, which is a conscience of truth. For whatever is implanted in the understanding and proceeds from the understanding, is truth, because man’s understanding has been allotted to the reception of the truths of faith; but the will to the reception of the goods of love. From this it is evident that in its essence spiritual good is truth. That with the spiritual a new will is implanted in their intellectual part, and that consequently the good with them is in its essence truth..”*1

Also it is antibacterial, and antifungal. So the natron -salt- dried corpse as part of the sacred rituals of embalming would be free from mould spores and bacteria. All part of preserving a corpse. Spiritually blessing it with the oil for protection in the after life realm and also the spiritual dimension of this world.

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness
Like palm-trees of smoke,
Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,
From every powder of the merchant?”

“Till the day doth break forth,
And the shadows have fled away,
I will get me unto the mountain of myrrh,
And unto the hill of frankincense.” *2


Also like Frankincense, Myrrh is antifungal in action. So again another natural preservative made by the divine powers for those who dwell upon earth, humans and animals, to use for their body as their spirit decrees.

Christians have used Myrrh in prayer to Saints such as Saint Nicholas

“With divine myrrh the divine grace of the Spirit anointed thee, who didst preside as the leader of Myra, and having made the ends of the world fragrant with the myrrh of virtues thou holiest of men, through the pleasant breathings of thine intercessions always driving away the evil stench of the passions. Therefore, in faith we render thee great praise, and celebrate thine all-holy memory, O Nicholas….” *3

Also to drive away the evil stench of death! Such a thick and intoxicating scent!  And to expel the evils that surround death, and those that wander through darkly be it in spirit form or in tangible form.

I believe that these two oils and every other oil were sent down to us and contain an essence of spiritual power granted from those upon high!

References   *1  *2, *3


Samantha Aungle