New Soy Wax Candles

There will be a focus on different scent and oil combinations in freshly made soy melts and candles for my Rusty’s Market Saturday Stall!


I will also aim to build up a regular range of candles and melts for people to buy directly online or at Rusty’s.


Go to my Facebook page and give me your requests or ideas for scents and oils that you love or want to try!

Also Twitter message me..


See my site for more contact options to request candles or melts or ask any questions!




Samantha Aungle





New treat! Lavender Lovely Skin!

I have gathered from researching the preferences of people from the Facebook questionnaire I made up the other week, that lavender is a favourite oil of many people.


So I have made this new treat for people to enjoy, with the addition of Absolute Brown Lavender instead of any other usual lavender you can buy in the supermarket.


A true treat for you, to enjoy the healthful benefits of lavender for your skin.


Traditionally lavender is used to fight acne, soothe nervous tension, headaches, migranes, and to ease insomnia. So it is an excellent night treatment for your hands and feet.


You could use Samantha Aungle’s Treats Lavender Lovely Skin as a massage treatment after melting it in your palms.



Samantha Aungle


New Treats

I have added new treats!

A lovely Absolute Clay Facial. Suitable for you. Why? Because I make up the individual ingredients for your skin type, and preference. All ingredients and a container are supplied for one cost of $75. If you were to buy the ingredients separately in my shop – including plastic pipettes for oil dispensing, a 50ml gold or silver glass jar, two clays, rose absolute with same amount of 2ml, and the best jojoba oil, you would be paying $118!

Other containers are available in PET amber with black /white / silver matte/ silver shiny lid, white with white or black lid – 250ml/500ml for both colours of  jars and lids. Also caska seals for 250 and 500ml – the little bit of plastic that seals at the top under the lid.

I suggest Rose Absolute – that can be diluted in at least three ways.

1.   Make your own fresh herbal toner using the herbs I supply. I source the herbs from a cosmetic supplier in Australia. The herbal toner can be made from rose petals for example. The rose petals would go with the Rose Absolute Oil very well. You can mix different herbs for the toner. For pure rose toner it is advised to be soaking the rose petals in filtered water or springwater fresh each time you use it. No preservatives, with the essential oils fresh and active!

Soaking the rose petals is easy, just add rose petals to your favourite water and heat gently on low to medium heat for 15 mins. Let cool.

Add drops of rose absolute oil. Then mixing this floral water into your choice of clay. French Clay in four different types –





Or choose Australian White Kaolin Clay

2. Dilute in jojoba oil, it will last, and can also include method from 1.

3. Add to facial filtered water or springwater spray – dilute in oil or by itself.

You will have such a beautiful scent and skin!

Good for healing your heart. A broken heart, emotional pain from life, opening your heart after feeling shut off from the world.

I can also send you Reiki by distance for a really peaceful time with your Treat. I am a Reiki Master, attuned in 2006 September in Australia. I can provide a scan for you to view of my Reiki Master certificates, and also my Reiki Master teachers details of lineage. Arrange an appointment – $10 additional each appointment. The feeling should last for about an hour. Book for when you want Reiki sent, when you are likely to be undisturbed and comfortable.

The Reiki is Usui Reiki.

Make your Treat a special time for yourself. The more you relax, the more you will benefit from the essential oils.


Samantha Aungle