Samantha Aungle’s Treats is an Australian based online shop.

It is new and has a new concept for customers.

Enjoy your aromatherapy Treats as designed and suggested by Samantha. Or make your own treat, starting from scratch!

The emphasis is that you can make any treat you want customised for your preferences.

If you do not like a certain scent of a product you already enjoy, and want to make a version of it for yourself entirely with the most pleasing scents, then come in to the shop!

If you do not want preservatives, colours, or anything artificial added, then come to my shop!

Ancient aromatherapy oils – including absolutes!
Body butters – many to choose from, suitable for your skintype and application
Clays – mostly French, choose for your skin type
Dog treats – make your dogs smell fantastic!
Essential oils – request an oil, I will find it for you at a good price!
Feel free to – make your own!
Glitter does not belong here! We are all natural!
Home spa – make it fresh for yourself at home and enjoy at your own pace!
Ingredients – every ingredient will be delivered in its own container. Fresh for you!
Jojoba Oil is a good carrier oil – the base for massage, skin and hair treatments
Keep your Treats in lovely tinted glass bottles or jars – also available PET up to 25L!
Lavish, the ancient art of self love
More please! Top ups available of ingredients containers and supplies
New products – I invent them all the time, so keep an eye on my shop!
Organic ingredients are used whenever possible!
Packing of goods that are fragile is no problem with the courier I use!
Quickly treat yourself with a purse sized ointment, , or serum!
Rose Absolute – I buy Rose Damask Absolute at a reasonable price for you!
Shampoo – natural and SLS free
Therapeutic massage oils for you and also your pets. Plus equine massage oil solutions!
Undergoing too much stress? Come to the shop, I can send you healing Reiki by distance!
Vanilla absolute – an accessibly priced scent, safe for all!
Worldwide shipping available – trustworthy courier, with modern packing method!
X – a kiss on each cheek my friends! Mmm don’t you smell good!
Yasmine Oil – lovely floral scent for you to enjoy!
Zzzz – get to sleep so easily with the right blend of relaxing oils!

Visit my Shop now!


Samantha Aungle
Samantha Aungle’s Treats

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