Ancient Art of Embalming

If you have thought much of essential oils, and of the ancient customs that go hand in hand with oils, then you may have thought of embalming.

Ancient Egypt first springs to mind from history lessons in school for some people.

The process took around 70 days for each complete embalming. Religious rites and spiritual beliefs decreed certain practices. The process was complex and thorough. Entirely clean, knowledgeable, and maybe even of a higher standard than medical practices today!

I can vouch for it being unclean in the present day having had unclean teeth – I had eaten and not brushed – before an unscheduled extraction performed at the end of the day in 2009, with the dentist saying don’t worry about it – meaning complacency, not a relaxing sense of not worrying! And also before surgery on my arm after I had been in hospital for several days before, having been bathed every day before the surgery for a broken arm bone! But not on the day of surgery! Again they seem so sterile and clean, don’t they, hospitals? Note my sarcasm. What is your morgue like? Does it run within the same standards of ill health, time restrictions and sloppiness? Maybe you should find out seeing as you will be there one day yourself!

I would hope not for your sake. And with respect to your dead. And appropriate spiritual measures taken.

Embalming with no time restrictions following ways of the ancient Egyptians starts to look pretty desirable! Cleopatra certainly was well washed and then oiled every day in bathing rituals. Ancient ways were by no means dirty.

The powerful properties

and spiritual

attributions of

two common

essential oils

used in Ancient

Egyptian embalming.


Used also for the living since ancient times for facials! This is a beautiful aromatic oil – with a resin also known as Olibanum or Luban. It is anti cancerous. Used for its multiple benefits, of a beautiful scent, a spiritual tool for meditation with many meanings attributed to it. The Egyptian sun god Ra was offered Frankincense and some see it as a sun, air or even a fire element to a ritual.

To some who follow the Bible it means good, and also “that which has been clarified from the falsity of evil. That the inmost truth which is signified by frankincense is spiritual good, is because the good with those who are in the Lord’s spiritual kingdom is nothing else than truth, which is called good when the man wills and does it from conscience and affection. For with the spiritual all the will has been destroyed, but the understanding is preserved entire by the Lord, and in it there is implanted by the Lord a new will by means of regeneration. This will is the conscience with them, which is a conscience of truth. For whatever is implanted in the understanding and proceeds from the understanding, is truth, because man’s understanding has been allotted to the reception of the truths of faith; but the will to the reception of the goods of love. From this it is evident that in its essence spiritual good is truth. That with the spiritual a new will is implanted in their intellectual part, and that consequently the good with them is in its essence truth..”*1

Also it is antibacterial, and antifungal. So the natron -salt- dried corpse as part of the sacred rituals of embalming would be free from mould spores and bacteria. All part of preserving a corpse. Spiritually blessing it with the oil for protection in the after life realm and also the spiritual dimension of this world.

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness
Like palm-trees of smoke,
Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,
From every powder of the merchant?”

“Till the day doth break forth,
And the shadows have fled away,
I will get me unto the mountain of myrrh,
And unto the hill of frankincense.” *2


Also like Frankincense, Myrrh is antifungal in action. So again another natural preservative made by the divine powers for those who dwell upon earth, humans and animals, to use for their body as their spirit decrees.

Christians have used Myrrh in prayer to Saints such as Saint Nicholas

“With divine myrrh the divine grace of the Spirit anointed thee, who didst preside as the leader of Myra, and having made the ends of the world fragrant with the myrrh of virtues thou holiest of men, through the pleasant breathings of thine intercessions always driving away the evil stench of the passions. Therefore, in faith we render thee great praise, and celebrate thine all-holy memory, O Nicholas….” *3

Also to drive away the evil stench of death! Such a thick and intoxicating scent!  And to expel the evils that surround death, and those that wander through darkly be it in spirit form or in tangible form.

I believe that these two oils and every other oil were sent down to us and contain an essence of spiritual power granted from those upon high!

References   *1  *2, *3


Samantha Aungle


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