A beautiful ancient perfume. Renowned for the scent  in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

Enobarus talks of Cleopatra’s arrival in Tarsus

The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne

Burn’d on the water, the poop was beaten gold

Purple the sails, and so perfumed that

The winds were lovesick….

From the barge

A strange invisible perfume hits the sense

Of the adjacent wharfs

From my research so far, I have gathered that there were 16 ingredients in Kyphi. Some are not essential oils. But those that do fall into the category are as follows.






calamus or cinnamon


The shape of a woman for you!

Ingredients mentioned by Plutarch include honey, wine, raisins, galangal, resin, juniper, myrhh, aspalathus, sessile, lemongrass, asphalt, fig leaves, cardamom, sorrel leaves, and sweet rush.

Loret, a French chemist also postulated that henna, peppermint, calamus, and cyperus were additional to this amazing perfume!

Add red rose petals on the floor 18 inches deep, and you will be beginning to experience the romance like Antony and Cleopatra!

Come to my shop and gather the ingredients to make your own Kyphi!

You could even make your own fresh Kyphi balm to rub on your wrists and ankles!


Samantha Aungle

Information gathered from Awaken to Healing Fragrances – by Elizabeth Anne Jones


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