Welcome to Samantha Aungle’s Treats blog!

Hi folks.

With this blog I will provide interesting information, photos, videos and more about aromatherapy and the related field.

I want to include you as a customer of my shop. You can send me pictures, links to your youtube or other suitable video sites for me to include in the blogs as it progresses with my new business, Samantha Aungle’s Treats.

The photos and videos can be related to the Treats. For example: the Cat-ur-Wow treat is a great potential video making experience – watching the cats enjoy themselves, showing us their unusual behaviour.

Here is an example of a youtube video of a cat enjoying catnip, and of the fun they had with editing it to make it an extended experience beyond the visual effect!

And also of course to show us and tell us about your human treats – a treat party, a night with your own home spa treats..whatever feels comfortable for you.

I will regularly post new material. Feel free to subscribe.

Samantha Aungle


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