Meditation is Essential to Relaxation, Health and Beauty

Try a meditation such as the Alden Guided Meditation.

If you do try this, take notice of how you feel before the meditation, and after. You will feel nourished from the deep inner time! It will benefit you on the soul level, first. Then you will feel the beauty of the light radiating through your body as it becomes more relaxed and healthful. The benefit of meditating even just a small amount of time – under 15 minutes for this guided meditation, will be also for your mind, your appearance will soften, as you relax and breathe, and withdraw from all the cares of life.

Enjoy your meditation time. In your oil burner top, heat up one of my good quality Soy Wax Melts – I recently made the Soy Wax Melts in Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Patchouli, Organic Coffee and Peppermint. I can make any combination you require for these long lasting Soy Wax Melts!Perfect for meditation, and unlike water and oil in a burner top, it will last, you do not need to top it up! Just set it up and light a tealight candle underneath, soon enough a lovely scent will fill your room!

You can also create, with my guidance if you prefer, a lovely personalised meditation oil or balm to wear whilst relaxing and meditating. It will create a psychological mood and trigger for you to relax. Help it along by adding relaxing oils, such as lavender. Strengthen your spiritual connection to the divine by adding myrrh. Feel calm with chamomile oil!

Take it easy over the New Year! Enjoy your time!


Samantha Aungle


Inspiring For Those Who Would Like To Indulge


inspiration pour ceux qui voudraient se livrer

ispirando per coloro che vorrebbe concedere

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying certain aromatherapy oils because of a past skin irritation, but you still love the scent?!

Why not try perfume jewellery, or try adding oils to an elegant showpiece on your dresser for a lovely scent in the bedroom or bathroom?! If you are extremely sensitive, then try hanging the perfume jewellery on a little display piece.

Add the scent to your business cards, and other stationery.

Dab a little bit onto a soft toy that you keep in the room.

Add the scent to leather, or wood, and other natural materials.

Try blending scents with your next painting!

Hang cloth soaked with the scent, after wearing suitably protective gloves, of course!

You can still enjoy your desired scent, even if your skin will not allow you!


Samantha Aungle

Clove oil is such an effective mouthwash. It is numbing. It tastes terrible! But it is a warm and spicy treat when in an apple pie! Why? We only add a little bit!

It is helpful for those who suffer from gum problems, especially when combined with a mouthwash of Myrrh Essential Oil.

See my earlier article on Embalming for more about Myrrh.

Buy these two oils from my online shop

Clove Oil also has excellent mould resistance properties. Treat all your bathroom and kitchen surfaces and tiles safely without fear of toxic chemicals harming your children or pets!



Samantha Aungle

New Soy Wax Candles

There will be a focus on different scent and oil combinations in freshly made soy melts and candles for my Rusty’s Market Saturday Stall!


I will also aim to build up a regular range of candles and melts for people to buy directly online or at Rusty’s.


Go to my Facebook page and give me your requests or ideas for scents and oils that you love or want to try!

Also Twitter message me..


See my site for more contact options to request candles or melts or ask any questions!




Samantha Aungle




Rose Absolute – The love oil

When I had my first stall at Rusty’s Market in August, I had found a lot of people have liked the Rose Absolute tester.

I offered the tester, along with a few other oil testers for people to pick up the scent. To try it out. To know what it is like as a pure absolute oil!

And it is just wonderful for everyone.

More information about Rose Absolute

Also note that there are a few examples given of blends to use for different purposes. The possibilities for combinations and different types of skin, hair and pet treats are endless.

I like the thought of a few drops of Rose Absolute and rose petals mixed into a freshly made soy wax candle, made with the Ecosoy wax that is available to buy from my online shop. Postal delivery to your home, or wherever is convenient for you. Pick up at Rusty’s Market, Cairns, QLD at my next stall. Try this eco friendly and easy method of soy tea light making. I would omit the glue mentioned though as it is not really needed and may be toxic..and also give off a bad scent even if undetectable.

A lovely combination for a pure rose candle! Sweet and divine love radiating for your romantic occasion, or just for you and your special time. Have a bath in the rose petals and just be utterly surrounded in the love and amazing scent! Your skin will also be radiant! The rose can heal your skin as well. See linked article above for more information.

I am getting a lot better now, having mostly recovered from the hemophilus influenzae infection I had for over 20 days. I’ll let you all know when the next stall will be happening, watch my Twitter and Facebook pages for more.


Samantha Aungle

Samantha Aungle’s Treats First Rusty’s Stall Market Was Great!

I made an early start at about 6am, with a growing crowd of people, although I had mistakenly taken the stall beside the one I was meant to be at.

So I moved and then was at the right stall for the rest of the day. People had great comments and positive encouragement for my products. Especially the rose absolute oil, all people enjoyed the scent of it. And the gold glass jars were favoured and complimented by many people.

It had a good central location for the first stall! My stall be on trial for one month, then settling into a market space each Saturday. So I will be there from early on – 6am til about 3.45pm – each Saturday but not in an exact location for a little while.

I arrived on foot, after staying overnight at a nice place in the city. The usual way I will arrive, unless something should change or someone offers a lift. So I bring a limited range of products, which is also good because spoiling is reduced. The weather has just begun to increase in heat and humidity again, so there will be a great use for the ice bags in with the essential oils and other products to maintain the properties and quality of the volatile oils and natural products.


People can order online and pick up from the stall if local. It should not take more than a week for the products to arrive from my suppliers. Everything is in new sealed containers and fresh. I opened most of the displayed products to show people the feel, how to use them, the scents. If you want something quicker, I can arrange express shipping to me from the supplier and also to you to receive within a few days!

I was using a soft small handtowel in a jug with some water to wipe my hands during the Treat demonstrations and after handling products. A little girl was screaming with a fever a few stalls behind me, and the water was still cool from the springwater bottle, so I took the wet towel to her mother who had to be persuaded to use it to cool her down. She was saying her child was having a tantrum. I told her it can lead to brain damage if untreated – and heat stroke. The little girl needed it, only after a few seconds the mother handed it back to me and it was warm from her boiling fever. I had trained in first aid in 1998, for Green Corps work in the Blue Mountains, NSW. We trained in the course before we commenced physical labour and outdoor work. Also as a bonding, for the new group getting to know each other sort of thing.

I used my newly learnt knowledge one week after the course, when doing a similar thing, giving first aid to a 2 year old boy with infant convulsions – with a fever that is not managed by the body until they are about 4 years old because they have yet to fully develop their sweat glands. Thats what I recall being told.

So I was glad to help even in a small way. She stopped screaming and calmed down as she was held by her mother. I think thats the important thing, touch for a child is showing love when it is in the form of hugs and non sexual.


Samantha Aungle

Rusty’s Markets Saturday 27th August 2011 First Demonstration!

Come along to Rusty’s Markets this coming Saturday the 27th August 2011 from 6am until late afternoon, if you are in the Cairns, QLD Australia area!

I will have a stall demonstrating a few of the Treat ingredients. If you are local or in the area and want to buy some of the base ingredients then I will have a few full and unopened products for you to buy directly. I will buy them for you on demand, only as you order them so the product integrity is maintained.

If you want to order online for me to get the ingredients sent to you or to pick up at the next Treat demonstration, then you will be able to order directly on the day. I will bring a list of all the products on the site for you to decide!



Samantha Aungle